Misc Metals spécialists, light structural steel and welding.
since 1975

Fer Ornemental Gatineau Ltée (FOG) was founded in 1975 by Jean-Guy Simard. At that time, he manufactured residential ornamental steel.

The business is now led by his son Claude Simard, who is very proud to continue the family tradition and to excel, but in industrial and commercial custom and light structural steel.

With over 40 years of experience in the custom, construction and architectural steel sector, FOG is fully qualified to answer the characteristics of various projects and the high expectations for small and large scale projects.

Our methods

FOG manufactures high quality products and ensures fast delivery. All workshop drawings are produced at the office with AutoCAD and the production is done at FOG’s workshop.

FOG is registered with the Canadian Welding Bureau and is certified to operate in Québec and Ontario. All employees at FOG have the appropriate safety and professional training. FOG is located in Gatineau, in Québec, 5 minutes away from the city centre and the national capital.

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